Australia’s active hospital-based surveillance for severe childhood disease

PAEDS network

  • The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney (PAEDS Coordinating Centre)

    Professor Kristine Macartney, Chief Principal Investigator
    Director, National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS), paediatrician and infectious disease specialist

    Associate Professor Nick Wood, Principal Investigator
    Staff specialist general paediatrician and Associate Professor and Academic Lead (Higher Degree Research) in the Discipline of Child and Adolescent Health at the University of Sydney

    Dr Philip Britton, Principal Investigator
    Paediatric infectious diseases physician and early-career researcher

    Nicole Dinsmore, PAEDS Manager

    Laura Rost, Surveillance and Research Nurse

    Kathryn Meredith, Surveillance and Research Nurse

    Jocelynne McRae, Clinical Nurse Coordinator (CNC) – Data, Outputs and Reports

    Kahla Mellem, Administration Officer

  • The Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

    Dr Brendan McMullan, Principal Investigator

    Nicole Kerly, Site Coordinator / Surveillance and Research Nurse

  • The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

    Associate Professor Nigel Crawford, Principal Investigator
    Director of SAEFVIC (Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Vaccination in the Community)

    Alissa McMinn, Site Coordinator/Surveillance and Research Nurse


  • Perth Children’s Hospital, Perth

    Associate Professor Christopher Blyth, Principal Investigator
    Head of Infectious Diseases at Perth Children’s Hospital

    Professor Peter Richmond, Principal Investigator

    Caroline Finucane, Site Coordinator/Surveillance and Research Nurse

    Lorraine Flynn, Surveillance and Research Nurse


  • Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Adelaide

    Associate Professor Helen Marshall, Principal Investigator
    Director, Vaccinology and Immunology Research Trials Unit, VIRTU

    Chris Heath, Site Coordinator/Surveillance and Research Nurse

    Mary Walker, Surveillance and Research Nurse

  • Queensland Children’s Hospital, Brisbane

    Associate Professor Julia Clark, Principal Investigator
    Paediatric Infectious Disease Specialist

    Dr Anne Kynaston, Principal Investigator
    Paediatrician - Senior Medical Officer

    Sonia Dougherty, Site Coordinator/Surveillance and Research Nurse

    Sara Cook, Surveillance and Research Nurse

    Natasha Doran, Surveillance and Research Nurse

  • Royal Darwin Hospital, Darwin

    Dr Joshua Francis, Principal Investigator

    Laura Francis, Site Coordinator/Surveillance and Research Nurse

  • Monash Health, Victoria

    Dr Jeremy Carr, Principal Investigator

    Karen Bellamy, Site Coordinator/Surveillance and Research Nurse

  • Associate investigators, collaborators and contributors

    The success of the partnership across multiple jurisdictions is evidenced by PAEDS being in operation for more than 10 years. PAEDS is privileged to work with several associate investigators, collaborators and contributors in the following conditions: 

    Acute childhood encephalitis
    Professor Cheryl Jones, Dr Philip Britton, Dr Marino Festa, Professor Russell Dale and Rebecca Burrell (The Children's Hospital at Westmead).

    Acute flaccid paralysis
    Dr Bruce Thorley and Linda Hobday (Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory), members of the Polio Expert Panel of the Communicable Diseases Network Australia (CDNA)

    Febrile seizures
    Dr Belinda Barton (The Children’s Hospital at Westmead), Professor Ingrid Scheffer and Professor Samuel Berkovic (Epilepsy Research Centre, Melbourne) [NHMRC grant: 1049557]

    Gram-negative blood stream infections
    Dr Adam Irwin (The University of Queensland)

    Invasive group A streptococcus disease
    Professor Andrew Steer and Ciara Baker (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)

    Associate Professor Allen Cheng and FluCAN investigators, Professor Alison Kesson (The Children’s Hospital at Westmead)

    Invasive meningococcal disease
    Dr Bing Wang (Women's and Children's Hospital, Adelaide)

    Kawasaki disease 
    Associate Professor Davinder Singh-Grewal, Dr Ryan Lucas (The Children’s Hospital Westmead), Professor David Burgner (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

    Varicella and herpes zoster
    Dr Cheryl Toi and Professor Dominic Dwyer (Institute for Clinical Pathology and Medical Research)

  • Acknowledgements

    The PAEDS Network acknowledges all the heads of diagnostic microbiology laboratories and all clinical departments at each of our PAEDS hospitals. The assistance of these and other hospital staff facilitate timely and complete collection of information on children with all the serious conditions for which PAEDS conducts surveillance. We also wish to extend particular thanks to our former PAEDS investigators and coordinators/nurses for their hard work and valuable contributions.